What we do

Evicio has over 30 years experience in IT, solving business problems with the best technology solutions for the given market conditions. We have even developed commercial grade software division that got acquired by a bigger company. At the core we solve business problems with technology.

Given the current COVID market place we find ourselves in, it is our firm belief that one of the foremost challenges a business leaders faces today is restructuring their TechStack to allow them to stay in business and fulfill on the promises they are making to their customers. To accomplish this there are three primary areas of focus.

Security – is your Customers Data, IP and Business Information secure; while your employees are accessing your systems form home?
Integration – are all your necessary Business Applications talking to each other? So you and your employees can access all the information you need remotely?
Automation – Have you automated business process so remote employees can do their jobs accurately and effectively – reducing risk and errors as well as Training and Supervision costs.

With Evicio you are in good hands. We are Business Leaders and Consultants who can help you get the appropriate and cost effective Technical Solutions you need to survive and thrive in todays challenging market place.

Security Management

Safeguarding customer PII is critical and should be taken care of as soon as possible; but what is the right next step to increase cybersecurity for your business? Encryption, risk mitigation and security protocols for businesses, law enforcement, legal entities, government agencies

We use US guidelines to continuously address your never-ending journey of compliance enforcement so you can be prepared for when hackers attempt to compromise your security and access Customer data.

Key Outcomes

  1. Compliance measured, enforced, and cascaded throughout your entire business “tops down”
  2. Written policies, plans, and metrics that illustrate cyber posture investment and improvement
  3. Executive Cyber Plan with IT blueprint using new US guidelines by NIST® to illustrate enforcement



Remote Communication

We are helping businesses around the world embrace the dynamic nature of living and working. Our remote communication solution will allow your team to communicate seamlessly using the latest visual and audio technology. Whether your need is telehealth, home delivery or remote appearance in the courtrooms we are able to fulfill your needs.

Content Management Software

Internet connectivity makes it possible to contact exponentially wider networks of leads, customers, gurus and workers than ever before…and those contacts don’t just have an address and a phone number. They have email addresses, chat handles, Facebook accounts, Twitter feeds, and LinkedIn profiles. Having the right Content management software helps you keep it all straight, reminds you when you’re ‘due’ to reach out to key contacts, and streamlines the process of keeping in touch.

We can help you design, implement, and manage the right CMS.

Cloud computing concept - connect devices to cloud. Businessman or information technologist with cloud computing icon and tablet.

Cloud Storage

Do you have the right Cloud storage solution for your current business needs and yet be scalable to meet your future business demand. Does your Cloud infrastructure save and store your files at a remote location so that they’re always available. If your employee’s computers crash or get stolen, will you lose your valuable data? Do your employees work remotely be able to access the files they need whenever they need to? Can your customers access their information safely and easily?

We are here to help you design and implement the right Cloud Solution.

Collaboration Software

With companies moving to a distributed work environment, how can you monitor, manage, motivate, and protect sensitive work they are doing? Collaboration software keeps everybody on the same page by establishing a one-stop destination for assignments, status reports, shared resources and progress tracking. We can help you design and implement the right solution using some popular software like Basecamp, Onehub, Asana, Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Wizehive.


Business Process Automation

At Evicio we help you move towards a more automated business environment by designing, deploying and maintaining appropriate cloud solutions, updating legacy software, ERP systems (HR, accounting, payroll) as well as estimation and project management tools. We have a keen eye to identify bottlenecks in your process and guarantee the quality of our work. We can also build customized tools to help with automating recruitment of staff, interns, and other ERP needs. We believe in taking a phased approach and addressing your immediate needs while preparing for your future growth needs.

Everyday challenges when trying to adopt business process automation:

  • Automating too much too soon
  • Not capturing ALL the workflow steps … including the small steps
  • Not benchmarking what success looks like
  • Using software tools that are not adequate
  • Lack of management oversight build into the automation solutions

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